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Hear reviews from our customers and other financial experts about why they believe SmartStops is an essential risk protection and profit-growing system for any self-directed investor or financial advisor. Listen to their real-world investing experiences where using SmartStops saved them thousands.

“You saved me $20,000 in Chipotle. For the cost of your service, seems like you are giving it away! A huge thank you!”
– Dan M.

“I have been trading for over 50 years and find SmartStops measures up to everything they claim. That is, if your broker has 500 accounts, will you be the first he calls with a sell recommendation? Or for that matter, will he have time to call you at all??? I have experienced fifty years w/o a call!!!”
– Bob S.

“I don’t feel that maintaining optimized exit points for each stock is my area of expertise, whereas it is something I can trust SmartStops to help me with.”
– John M.


“I’ve always had trouble figuring out when to sell. And I think that that is the most important question in all of investing. Your service is great and desparately needed by the average investor. ”
– Amanda

“I’ve lost a lot of money in the market. When the bottom fell out in 2000, I lost so much that my advisor told me I had to work another 10 years. Seriously?! Thank god I learned about you before 2008 did the same thing to me. This time, with your risk alerts forewarning me, I was able to get out and even better – get back in when fear really struck the markets and there were some great stocks a low prices to buy. Thank you SmartStops for making me able to retire comfortably.”
– Barry G.

“Just bought your service 4-5 weeks ago and with it got out of lot of the market several days ago (before crazy drop of 5/6/10). THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!”

– Dennis N.

“By getting daily alerts, with the math calculations already provided for me, I have been able to preserve much of my portfolio during this most recent historic downturn in the equity markets. I know I would have left much more money on the table if it had not been for your service. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource to me as an individual investor – prior to now, I would have needed to be a large institutional investor to have access to the insight your software tools provide. Much appreciated.”

– Jeff R.

“SmartStops is way better than the simple trailing stops I have been using for years. … I have been using it to act on trades in my Ameritrade account and I love it.”

– Dr. Mark L.

“Do you sit back and wonder what happened to your portfolio? Do you ever get stuck holding onto a losing position? SmartStops Protective exits will make sure you that a few bad trades don’t destroy your portfolio. You wouldn’t skydive without a parachute so why would you trade without a protective exit strategy?”

– Ryan H.

“SmartStops enhances passive rebalancing strategies by providing an active service to help identify at-risk stocks.”

– Steve C.

“I believe you’re offering a great service at a great price for investors that know almost nothing about stops. I still can’t believe how many friends of mine have just watched, helplessly, as their IRAs and 401Ks just plummeted.”

– Bill

“Prior to the steep market decline, SmartStops helped stop me out of three positions that saved me in excess of 40%. I currently utilize the intuitive system to monitor my stocks.. The SmartStops tool has definitely filled the gap in my portfolio analytics and has allowed me to be a more proactive investor.”

– Gregg R.

“While there are many advice sites for individual investors available today, this one seems sorely needed by many. It helps investors place easy, set-it-and-forget-it stop-loss orders to ensure profits don’t fizzle into thin air. If you want to sell at a specific price without sitting around watching share price movement in real-time all day long, this site can help.”

– George W.

“SmartStops takes the guesswork out of trying to determine where I should set my safety net.”

– Phil B.

“It is the missing link in a successful investment program. Most investors have no problem choosing great stocks in great sectors, but then they give back all their profits when the trend turns downward and they refuse to get out, just as I did in the last three months with oil, coal, and steel. Yours is a great program, and I will be a long-time subscriber.”


“Your SmartStops is a religion… I will never ever not have a stop in place again. The best wishes to you all. I hope all will listen!”

– Jim L.

“As a retired school teacher, I do not understand why every trader would not want to know where to exit from a bad stock purchase.Protecting capital is an absolute must in this economy.That is why I highly recommend Smartstops as a must for anyone that purchases stocks,options or indexes.”

– John K.

“I’ve been waiting for a service like yours. With all the securities I manage for clients, I just don’t have time to do this properly.”

– Richard G, RIA

“I feel your service does more to preserve investors capital than anything available. SmartStops is making people aware and educating us on the prudent use of stop loss placement in an effort to not only preserve capital but to also preserve profit.”

– Lawrence V.

“I use smartstops all the time. I am a very active trader and find this service extremely helpful in determining where to place my sell stops. I would high recommend this service to any active trader.”

– John S.

“I would like to say in just one week of use your product saved me a lot of money in this volatile market. I only wish that I had known of this product earlier in this market. We all know that we could do the same thing ourselves but it takes the emotion out of it and in the end the right decision is made. I use TD Ameritrade and like how easy your product works with it and is so integrated. I use all kinds of tools in TD Ameritrade and none of them come close to use of this product.”

– Jim A.

“Most of my clients are approaching retirement so it is clear that we need to keep our eye on the ball. SmartStops helps.”

– Julia S., RIA

Make smarter decisions to increase profits, cut losses

Successful investing requires the ability to make timely and well-informed decisions. The right decision at the right time can make a substantial difference in your profits.

Let SmartStops show you the way to stress-free investing.

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