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06-15-2009 Are Commodities Nearing Bubble Territory?
06-15-2009 Are Commodities Nearing Bubble Territory?
04-13-2009 Investing Basics: How to Protect Yourself With Stop-Loss Orders
U.S. News & World Report
02-20-2009 Before you buy a stock, consider your sell point
USA Today
Feb 2009 What’s Your Exit Strategy?
SFO Magazine
12-24-2008 Trading Messages from Mars
Dec 2008 How To Avoid Big Declines Using Market Timing
11-13-2008 WebTrends
10-31-2008 How To Avoid Big Declines Using Market Timing
08-27-2008 When Should You Sell Exchange Traded Funds?
Consumer Affairs
08-26-2008 SmartStops Lets You Know When to Sell Stocks and ETFs
08-26-2008 Profile
Trade Vibes
08-25-2008 Know when to sell
The Mass Affluent
08-24-2008 – Monitor Stock Changes
08-18-2008 When to Sell?
The Money Show
08-18-2008 Knowing When to Bail
The Chicago Sun Times
08-18-2008 When to Buy When to Hold
ETF Commentary
08-17-2008 When Buy-and-Hold Investors Should Sell
08-16-2008 INDEXING & ETFS How to Know When to Hold, When to Sell
The Wall Street Journal Sunday
08-15-2008 Understanding Exits: Helpful Advice on Exit Strategies
08-14-2008 Product Review: SmartStops Investment Portfolio Monitoring
Curbing Your Housing Bottom Enthusiasm
08-14-2008 SmartStops rolls out BrokerLink with TDAmeritrade
New Rules of Investing
07-06-09 Harnessing the Power of Sun Stocks
08-13-2008 SmartStops Snags Ameritrade Account
The Wall Street Letter
07-25-2008 It’s All About the SmartStops
The Wild Investor
07-06-09 Coal’s Future Rides On Energy Bill
Four Junk Food Plays for a Healthy Portfolio
07-23-2008 Website takes guesswork out of stock selling
Globe and Mail
07-16-2008 Risk Company To Contract With Brokerages
The Wall Street Letter
07-07-2008 A New Way to Tell When to Fold ‘Em


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