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Investing in the 21st century is very different then when Modern Portfolio Theory came to creation.  New forces introduced by technology and globalization are at work creating unforeseen factors affecting market behavior.  Buy and Hold has morphed to Buy and Protect, as diversification has proven insufficient.  Investors and traders have taken on the challenge themselves managing their own portfolios.  And though many Do-it-Yourself (DIY) investors have a solid portfolio foundation, they’re handicapped because they can’t quantify the risk they are taking.

And though none of us can predict what the stock market will do next.   One thing we all do know and can agree on – markets will go up, down, sideways.  They trend. They flow. They surprise.

Being on the wrong side of the market is the worst thing that can happen.   But it doesn’t have to happen to you. 

We insure our homes, our livelihood and even our phones, without hesitation.  So why is it that so few of us actively protect our portfolios from future risk?  Most likely it is because the overwhelming portrayal of the markets is that “over the long haul” it will always return a gain.  While true, that gain might mount to a mere 2% depending upon the time frames you want to look at.  So here’s a statistic that most don’t want publicized:

Half of all years since 1950 have seen a double-digit correction in stocks.

Imagine for a second, that you had sidestepped those double-digit corrections!

There are plenty of studies like the above that are not well publicized as it is in the industry’s best interest to not see a large outflow of funds.  Think about that for a bit  – as you constantly hear the mantra that you just need to “hold on”.   Our goal is to educate you as to how misleading this is and what it actually “costs” you by deploying such a strategy.  So we have posted much third party analysis throughout our website.  

SmartStops was formed because we recognized that the masses who have trillions of their retirement dollars tied up in the market, those managing their own or clients’ investments and those who have taken on the challenge of doing it themselves – are all incredibly vulnerable in this day and age.   Our mission is to ensure all have available at their fingertips leading-edge easy-to-use tools to better protect their investments in the stock market and manage risk properly.



“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building Arks does.”

- Warren Buffet

Our Story

The SmartStops team is comprised of experienced renowned investment experts in the subject of managing risk. The team’s expertise is a result of over four decades of real-world practical financial experience in developing and deploying risk management techniques and exit strategies. Hedge funds and other institutional players have relied on our team members expertise and utilized models previously created in past employment.

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In 2006, this unique group of investing experts formed SmartStops because they wanted to help “Main Street” more then Wall Street.    The advent of the web had made online investing and trading so easy, but sadly, investors to vulnerable.
It was quickly recognized that what was missing was a next-generation solution for the retail investor and trader.  Even financial advisors were being underserved and relying on outdated methods.  What was needed was a sophisticated, data-driven, back-end Smart(R) provided in an easy-to-use web and mobile service that everyday investors and advisors could use to make smarter, more informed buying and selling decisions to protect and grow their assets.

SmartStops launched just in time too.  Just as the severe 2008 downturn hit the markets.  We received so many “THANK YOU”s  from users as they were able to get out or get their clients out before losing money on their investments.  Many of them today are still SmartStops subscribers.  Brokerages too, recognized the innovation and success in protecting profits that SmartStops was providing and became partners.   We are proud of what we have accomplished and the results we deliver.  But we can never rest on our laurels and continue to perform exhaustive research to improve our Smart(R) engine and bring you the best in risk management.

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