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What do Market Guru’s say about using Volatility?

“I think volatility is so widely used as a risk-metric simply because it is easy to measure, not because it is a good gauge of risk of permanent loss of capital.  Downside volatility is merely one aspect of risk, not necessarily the most important, while upside volatility isn’t much of a risk at all – unless you are short”.

-Joel Greenblatt

  “How can professors spread this nonsense that a stock’s volatility is a measure or risk? I’ve been waiting for this craziness to end for decades. It’s been dented, but it’s still out there”

– Charlie Munger  (Buffet’s right-hand man)

 “… knowingly or unknowingly – academicians settled on volatility as the proxy for risk as a matter of convenience. They needed a number for their calculations that was objective and could be ascertained historically and extrapolated into the future. Volatility fit the bill… Yet while volatility is quantifiable and machinable… it falls far short as “the” definition of investment risk.”

 -Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital

“The true investor welcomes volatility” Warren Buffett

SmartStops brings to your fingertips a unique and sophisticated Smart(R) algorithmic system that’s proven. Built from decades of Wall Street action, you gain from that experience.  We value and respect transparency so are happy to share our results.  See how SmartStops will help you best profits and minimize your losses. 

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Analyze Risk

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Risk/Reward that works

Trailing Stops that work

So since volatility is not the main factor to base a smart adjusting trailing stop approach from, what analytics should be included?  Well, it takes decades of professional real market experience vs. some theoretical Phd exercise, to learn enough to know not only what to use but when to change the approach as well.  There’s a lot built into the SmartStops approach.  See how our unique Smart(R) Trailing stop approach can ride the trend both up and down to give you the best ability to protect those profits and minimize any losses.

 Put our market experience to work you.

Instant Risk Alerts


Receive automated alerts instantly to your phone or email when the risk level of a stock or ETF becomes elevated.  Getting alerts “after” the market has closed costs you money.  Real-time alerts allow you to take action at the right time to protect your money — and make significantly more in the long run. Sit back, relax and we’ll let you know when you need to



Put our market experience to work you








Get a fast 2-way Broker Interface

Much more then a 1-way “screen-scraping interface” to import your portfolio, SmartStops offers its 2-way Broker interface.  A user interaction that allows you to sync and send across all your stop orders in advance of the next day’s market with an adjusted price point.  And talk about fast -it’s process that takes only seconds! Learn more about our Brokerlink.   Even better – imagine just turning on SmartStops right on your broker platform.  We’ve been integrated in European countries for over a decade – so get your broker to make this happen for you.  Have them contact us.

Put our market experience to work you

SmartStops is a simple, effective tool to manage your investment risk

Optimize and monitor your portfolio

By using SmartStops’ risk analysis tools, you can optimize any portfolio to avoid risky downturns and maximize profits. Our real-time Smart(R) Trailing Stop knows how to adjust in all conditions for qualified stocks & ETFs, widening to let profits run and tightening when risk becomes elevated.  Get optimized daily stop price points in your Daily Portfolio Risk Report to set proactive stop loss orders.   Or track which stocks or ETFs are at risk and let our advanced risk monitoring system keep watch and simply let you know when you should act. .  

Receive alerts instantly when risk levels change

It’s a source of constant stress — how do I know when to sell, buy, hedge or do nothing with my investments? Especially if I just don’t want to set proactive stop orders.

SmartStops solves that by sending you real-time, instant alerts to let you know when a stock or ETF in your portfolio is at risk and action is needed. You don’t have to keep checking every day, because we are checking for you every minute. Now it’s easy to avoid drops and ride the upside.

Make Smarter (more profitable) Decisions

 DIY investors, traders and advisors all know that letting one’s emotions (or ego) get in the way of making data-driven, informed decisions about their investments can be very costly. One thing you can count on – the market will go up and it will go down.  The question is, do you want to watch your profits evaporate before your eyes as corrections and declines occur?

Buy & Hold no longer works in today’s modernized computerized markets. Buy & Protect is the new operating model. And SmartStops gives you the data and tools you need to make better, more timely investing decisions. Don’t take risks with your money, grow it!

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“At the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control.”

-Paul Tudor Jones

Missing the two largest crashes in 25 years – you would have $1 MILLION MORE

SmartStops help you skip over the downturns in the market, stick with your winners longer, and grow your money at a faster rate than a simple Buy & Hold “strategy.”

Holding through Market Downturns Can Undercut Your Portfolio Growth

Your Portfolio vs S&P 500

Avoiding the worst days in the market has an exponentially greater impact on the growth of your investments than if you missed the best days in the market.

The lesson… avoiding the downturns will help you maximize your profits. Use SmartStops to help you reach that goal.

The SmartStops proven risk management system with its Smart(R) Trailing stop approach is the product of over 40 years of research, analysis and real-world experience by a team of stock market specialists focused on exit strategies.

See how these DIY’ers and traders benefited by using SmartStops

Managing Client Portfolios

“I don’t feel that maintaining optimized exit points for each stock is my area of expertise, whereas it is something I can trust SmartStops to help me with, which helps my clients “

John M.


Deciding When To Sell

“I’ve studied technical indicators.




 It can be difficult and challenging trying to figure out what works best. I love the way your service works! “

Amanda R.

Buy & Pray to Buy & Protect

“I have been trading for over 50 years and find SmartStops measures up to everything they claim. Do you think my broker, with over 500 accounts, will make me his first call? Or for that matter, will he have time to call me at all?”

Bob S.

Ready to make smarter decisions with your money?

Know when the next market pullback is coming … and the one after that, and the one after that. Start protecting your money and helping it grow safely today.

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