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Are we missing your symbol? We can add it in if it meets all of our qualifying criteria:

1. Has a trading history of 150 days or more (~7-8 calendar months)
2. Average shares traded daily is 40,000 or more for past 20 days.
3. Trades at $1 or more.

If a symbol does meet our criteria and you want it covered by SmartStops, please let us know.

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Smarter Than Other Approaches
See why SmartStops is better than trailing stops, moving averages, support/resistance, buy and hold, etc.
Instant Risk Alerts
Receive real-time email and mobile risk alerts, letting you know instantly when your stocks or ETFs need attention.
Proactive Stop Losses
Use our automated broker integration to easily and proactively place SmartStops across all of your positions.
Smart Decision Tools
Easy-to-use tools to make better investment decisions: How Much To Buy Calculator and Market Risk Barometer.

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