Security deploys industry leading technology and processes to ensure a secure environment for our members.

3 layers of security deployed

Physical Layer (Secure Data Center)
Network Layer (Firewalls)
Application Layer (Authentication & Encryption)

Secure Processes
  • Login and password authentication is required to access your SmartStops accounts.
  • Credit card information is encrypted and passed directly to our merchant bank partner.  This information is not saved or retained by SmartStops.
  • Brokerage logins and passwords required for BrokerLink enabled portfolios are encrypted and passed to your broker via a secure API connection.  This information is not saved or retained by SmartStops.
Protect yourself against phishing

Whenever you receive an email from a trusted partner prompting you to link back to their site and log in, be sure the email is from who it appears to be.  Look for unique information in the email that only your partner would know.  With SmartStops, look for your user name and information specific to your account such as your portfolio symbols.   When in doubt don’t use the links in the email.  Access your partner’s site by manually entering the site address into your browser or by clicking on a link that you have previously saved.

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