This is EXACTLY why SmartStops was created.  We’ve been operating since 2008 helped so many subscribers protect their investments in that time frame.  And have been doing so over the past decade.  It’s never too late to learn and deploy smart risk management approaches , whether proactive stop losses or utilizing instant Risk Alerts, to best protect your investments.   You wear a safety belt when you go driving right?  You are told to put on your own oxygen mask before helping your child in an airplane, right?    Everyone needs to protect their portfolios.   Buy & Hold no longer works in our 21st century markets as it did in providing needed returns.  Read more about that here.   In meantime, some highlights of just a few of the many examples of how Smartstops has helped people step aside from this recent market plunge and instead now have the cash to get some of those same symbols at much better prices.

See our Protection working during this Corona COVID-19 virus and subsequent market drop!  

and some highlights below , but look at page above.

JPM, JP Morgan Smartstops Stock Risk Alert & Savings

DIS, DISNEY Stock Risk Alert & Savings

AAPL Apple SmartStops Stock Risk Alert & Savings



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