SmartStops Comment:   We couldn’t agree more with this timely advice (mid-May 2019) , from

“For now, the market is working a corrective process which is likely not complete as of yet. As we head into the summer months, it is likely the markets will experience a retracement of the rally during the first quarter of this year.As shown in a chart we use for position management (sizing, profit taking, sells) the market has just issued a signal suggesting risk reduction is prudent. (This doesn’t mean sell everything and go to cash.)

…There is no “law” that says you have to be “all in” the market “all the time.       Every good gambler knows how to “size their bets” relative to the “hand they hold.” This is particularly the case when it certainly appears the “bulls are betting on a long shot.” 

This firm does excellent research and produces some great charts to show the affects of the current escalating China Trade War Tariff.  See more at: 

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