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The 6 Biggest Mistakes Ordinary Investors Make

"What's the biggest threat to achieving financial independence?  Your own brain!"   Nobel-winning prize theory and research from psychologists (Kanheman & Tversky)  led to the beginnings of what is now called behavioral finance, with Thaler bringing that into the...

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Why Protect? Limits of Diversification from State Street

Great white paper by State Street Global Advisors that highlights the limits of diversification and the importance of risk protection:    "Good downside protection can benefit portfolios in several ways. Studies, such as that by Bhansali and Davis (2010), have shown...

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Asset Allocation is in Serious Decline

As the CIO of Sungarden Fund Mgmt writes:  "MPT works well in strong markets and over periods of declining interest rates.  This decade will likely see the turning point of that story, and I suspect that many financial planning firms will fight that trend, as they did...

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Determine your risk tolerance by analyzing these 3 factors

As an investor, you likely dedicate countless hours to gaining a better understanding of market trends, whether that means watching financial TV shows periodically or keeping up with investment publications on a weekly or even daily basis. While these...

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Nowhere to Run: The Correlation Bubble

SmartStops Comment:: Indeed, Beta and correlation approaches are not enough to manage risk in today's markets. However we have somewhere for you to run - to intelligent self-adjusting risk methodologies that the SmartStops optimization engine offers. Originally...

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Position Sizing: Key to Maximizing Returns

In a time when market volatility and equity preservation is of utmost importance, determining the correct number of shares to buy, or “position sizing”, is key to maximizing returns and minimizing risk. The common investor generally doesn’t spend much time thinking...

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How Can Advisors Build a More Modern Portfolio?

Originally published By Matt Ackermann on May 16, 2012 at   SmartStops comment:   The fear of investing in traditional assets due to volatility can be minimized for an advisor's clients by the use of a SmartStops methodology.  SmartStops was created...

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In Defense of Market Timing – a study that will shock you!

The general investing public has been told that market timing is a high risk proposition. Most of what has been written about the topic focuses on its failure and the risk investors take when trying to time the market. A typical study focuses only on the negative consequences of missing a few particular up days in the market – calculating the negative financial impact of missing those days and concluding that attempting to time the market is foolish. The biggest fallacy with these studies is

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A Managed Approach For Investment Portfolio Risk

Is your investment portfolio more like a roller coaster with no exit strategy, just going round and round and up and down, arriving right back to where it started? Don't just go along for the ride, use a managed approach to limit downside risk and to capture gains....

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Take The Greek Factor Out Of Your Investment Portfolio

By contributing writer: Rebecca Petcavich February 23, 2012 Although one may think that they’re not invested in the Greek crisis, many portfolios may hold equity positions and ETFs that could be effected by the European debt crisis.  The European Union is the U.S.’s...

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