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Lessons From a Trading Great: Stanley Druckenmiller

SmartStops comments:  If you study successful investors, you will find that they don't necessarily follow a diversification rule.  That was created many many years ago with the advent of Modern Portfolio Theory however even MPT has morphed now.  Read more about some...

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In Defense of Market Timing – a study that will shock you!

The general investing public has been told that market timing is a high risk proposition. Most of what has been written about the topic focuses on its failure and the risk investors take when trying to time the market. A typical study focuses only on the negative consequences of missing a few particular up days in the market – calculating the negative financial impact of missing those days and concluding that attempting to time the market is foolish. The biggest fallacy with these studies is

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Accelerate Return-to-Risk Ratios with Higher Betas

A survey conducted by Charles Schwab indicated that 45% of investors would choose an advisor who provides products which protect them against market risks over one that doesn’t. By incorporating intelligently adjusting exits and risk based position sizing into one’s...

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How dangerous is short selling?

Short selling, which is essentially the act of betting on a drop in the price of a stock or asset, is only as dangerous as the size and scope of the gamble itself. Many investors build their entire careers on short selling - look at George Soros and his still-infamous...

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Why do investors fail?

The question that makes up the title of this blog post is a curious one, as "failure" can be deemed either an objective or subjective phrasing, depending on who you ask. "Failure," by any standard definition, would point to a situation in...

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Why investors should care about senior management teams

If a business is like a cruise liner, then the senior management team is the captain commanding the ship, right? Yes, but there are other considerations to keep in mind. The management team is also the look-out, the engine crew, even the hull itself. Simply put, the...

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Influential factors in the global oil market

If you're seriously debating an investment in oil, whether through a distributor, extractor or manufacturer, you probably know more than most investors that this industry is by far one of the more robust on the planet. Civilization literally cannot run...

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Investment advisor discusses his love of ETFs

Even if you've been in the market for some time, you may still be searching for investments that allow you to achieve your goals. So, how do you find the right investment vehicle? This was the subject of a recent Seeking Alpha article penned by David Fabian, the...

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These biases could hinder your investing performance

On January 17, Todd Harrison, the founder and CEO of Minyanville Media, an online news source serving the business and finance communities, published an article on his company's website that discussed common cognitive biases that prevent humans from behaving...

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Big Picture blogger offers up 4 rules for investors

Named as one of the "15 most important economic journalists" in the United States, Barry Ritholz blogs for The Washington Post and the Big Picture, contributes to Barron's and Bloomberg and is credited with predicting the most recent market...

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The myth of the great investor

Is it possible to be a great investor? Bill Gross wrote about this idea in a recent article on his blog.   Known as the "king of bonds," William Gross has been referred to as the "world's leading bond fund manager" and one of the "greatest investors," by such...

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Determine your risk tolerance by analyzing these 3 factors

As an investor, you likely dedicate countless hours to gaining a better understanding of market trends, whether that means watching financial TV shows periodically or keeping up with investment publications on a weekly or even daily basis. While these...

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