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WARNING! Time to protect your Investments!

Now don't say no one's warned you about an upcoming stock market correciton. It's inevitable. So are you going to protect your gains or what?!

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Are Markets Rational or not?

SmartStops comment:   Glad to see Richard Thaler win the 2017 Nobel Prize for documenting the way people's behavior actually does not conform to economic models that portray them as perfectly rational.  As he states:  (Investors) "refuse to cut their losses on...

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The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall

SmartStops comments:   It's befuddling that this statement continues to get touted around - "But isn’t this market timing? We all know, after all, that timing the market is pure folly!" .. when indeed guru's like Andrew Lo, MIT have blown this "myth" apart again and...

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Less Risk. More Caution.

LESS RISK.  MORE CAUTION.    Good point by Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital on the markets these days:      "It’s all about investors’ willingness to take risk as opposed to insisting on safety. And when people are willing to take risk , and not concerned about safety...

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Lessons From a Trading Great: Stanley Druckenmiller

SmartStops comments:  If you study successful investors, you will find that they don't necessarily follow a diversification rule.  That was created many many years ago with the advent of Modern Portfolio Theory however even MPT has morphed now.  Read more about some...

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SmartStops = Smart Beta

Yes, our premise for needing more risk-based approaches in the market has been validated with the rise of Smart Beta ETFs.    As the image below points out - access to "risk premia" previously only available through expensive active strategies in a cheaper way" ....

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Markets take the stairs up and the Elevator down

SmartStops comment:  Great article about the nature of our 21st century markets and why one needs to stay protected in a fluid geopolitical environment .  Some interesting graphs are presented. The article concludes:    Perhaps more than any other time in the last six...

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Earn higher returns by avoiding the downturns

Just look at how much per share one could save in this example with IBM below.  Stepping aside during a stock's downturn can lead to higher returns overall for your investments especially when you consider that stocks on average will drop ~20% from their highs and...

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Why Investors Face Roller-Coaster Markets

This article does a great job at educating mainstream investors and the underlying aspects of our 21st century market.  Written by the Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz and Chair of the President's Global Development Council: Key points: Because today's markets are...

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Are Company’s Profit Reports “Phony?”

SmartStops Comment:  This is why you always need a smart objective third party managing the risk of your investments. as reported by the AP: Those record profits that companies are reporting may not be all they're cracked up to be. As the stock market climbs ever...

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Modern Portfolio Theory is Harming your Portfolio

SmartStops comment:  an excellent article that every investor should read as MPT continues to be deeply entrenched in our systems.  Its shortcomings are proven.  The article concludes with: The advice that most investment advisors give their clients - At its core, the...

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$1M more in your IRA by avoiding major losses

SmartStops Comment:   Modern Portfolio Theory  - continues to have holes poked in it.  Here's a post by Hedgeable reiterating the importance of missing the worst times in the market. From their post:  If you merely miss out on 75% of market losses during the two...

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