SmartStops comment:   This well-written article reflects the reality of the situation of today’s markets.  Don’t be fooled to think diversification is protecting your investments.  Stay aware of increasing risks.    Read the entire article at:

“Markets micromanaged to go relentlessly higher by policymakers are not healthy markets. Instead, they are distorted markets where true price discovery is being unnecessarily obstructed if not completely prevented. Eventually the forces of price discovery will reassert themselves, and the more current prices have been disconnected from reality, the more violent this corrective price discovery process is likely to be. Perhaps what we are seeing now is the very beginning of what may be a long and protracted journey ahead. Only time and the will of policy makers will tell, but expect this volatility to continue, not subside, as we continue through the rest of 2018 and into 2019. In fact, it may even notably increase before it’s all said and done. And, it may bring with it a top for the second longest bull market in history to date”

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