There are a number of key differences between and  In fact, one of our subscribers after using Tradestops for awhile, told us –  “you get us out much sooner than Tradestops”.   Here are some of the key comparisons:

1. Recently, a lot of “marketing claims” are being made by Tradestops who joined the Agora Financial group that should be carefully examined.  It is very easy to cherry pick or fix up a chart to show the best result possible.  That is not what SmartStops will ever do. Our claims and charts shown are all actual.  And we’ve been doing this for over a decade.  We stand for complete truth, honesty and transparency.   In fact, you can go look for yourself.  We offer 2 Free Analyze Risk symbols for you to view our actual results with 5 years of historical data.  And if you need more history, just contact us and we’ll be happy to provide.

Another outrageous marketing claim from Tradestops is about a system built off Nobel-winning research.  But  guess what?  Dr. Smith is not unique.  In fact everyone in the industry has read all of the research that has led to the rise of behavioral finance.  That is why there is now an active (vs. passive) management in stock market investing.  Plus, Dr. Smith’s claim to be the “only one doing this”  reflects poorly on Tradestops given he’s known of SmartStops existence from the start as we actually had discussions about working together so that his platform would become Smart(R).

2. Tradestops did join the Agora Financial group which is comprised of Newsletter publishers.  Agora is well-known for questionable marketing practices and a marketing machine that once they grab your email , will try to sell you on so many different newsletters and other services. Or sell you a bundle service that can cost you $3000+ a year!    One can check out their BBB rating and reviews here.   Plus you may want to check out some previous Agora member comments here. 

3. The SmartStops engine is built off four decades of real market experience with people who previously ran hedge funds and worked on the institutional side.  Though Tradestops would like to make a marketing claim, that their system is somehow superior because it analyzes 61000+ data points – those in the industry, especially certified market technicians know it’s not that more data analyzed results in better analysis. The real gurus in this industry know that the key choices in ingredients and how they are combined or changed – that this is what really makes the difference between better results from one system to another.

4.. The claim that Tradestops has a “revolutionary” new approach is beyond comprehension.  Do they really believe that measuring just Volatiity and creating a Volatility Quotient which only adjusts once a week is a revolutionary approach?  Volatility is just a measure of price action movement. That is not enough analytics to really be a proper “risk” measure. Just because you have a wider range of price action does not equate that a symbol has become a more riskier symbol.  Many industry gurus have commented about the short-sightedness of focusing on Volatility to manage risk in this article (click here).  Also, Tradestops VQ or Volatility Quotients are only calculated once a week on the weekends.  That makes any model much less responsive to properly protect profits.

You can learn more about our unique approach which incorporates a number of important factors that are both on the macro and micro front, on our Smart(R) Trailing Stop page.

5. SmartStops provide INSTANT Risk Alerts during the market day.  From what we have seen, Tradestops sends their alerts after the market has closed.   And SmartStops Mobile App sends immediate risk alerts as push notifications to your mobile phone. 

6. From a pricing standpoint, it appears that Tradestops bases its pricing plan on alerts. So for $19 a month (seen on their website as of Feb. 2019), you get up to 200 alerts.  What would happen if you hit the alert limit?  Would you just stop receiving them even though your symbol had triggered?   Plus their fee must be paid all up front, though they appear to give you a refund within 30 days.

That compares to SmartStops plans at ~$12/month for 10 symbols (if you pay annually) or $14.95/month billed monthly.  Your credit card will not be charged until completion of our 14 day free trial.  Plus you can cancel anytime.  And with SmartStops we aren’t going to restrict based on alerts – as whatever symbols your have stored in your customized portfolio will always be covered no matter how many alerts that may take!

7. SmartStops keeps alerting as the decline may intensify. We know you may not use Stop Loss orders proactively. But we do want you to pay attention to the Risk Alerts. So though you may not take action say on the first alert, if you receive another one the next day – that should spur you into some kind of decision-making process. 

As long as the symbol remains in your portfolio we will keep alerting you.  In fact, once our system detects a probability of further decline, we modify our approach so that profits get protected faster. That is very unique. You can learn more here.

8. SmartStops offers Brokerlink.  It is a 2-way interaction with the broker via their API Currently we have implemented it with TD Ameritrade and TradeKing/Ally Financial with the potential to add E*Trade, Fidelity,  Tradier and others who offer those capabilities. 

From all appearances (see Tradestops FAQs) it seems that Tradestops approach is simply an import of your portfolio. No ability to actually send the orders back over to the broker from the Tradestops platform exists.  Whereas with SmartStops Brokerlink, you can actually set all your trade stops across your portfolio even faster then if you did it individually directly on your broker’s platform!

9. Finally, setting up a customized portfolio could not be simpler.  All we ask for is the symbol name.  It’ll take you a few minutes to get set up.  The market doesn’t care when you enter it nor how many shares you have.  So building out another lengthy portfolio management toolset for you means you have to go look at multiple places to see how your portfolio is performing.   

In fact, our goal remains to get the brokers to offer up our SmartStops data integrated right in your portfolio as a tool option.  And even to be able to let it automatically get it adjusted daily.  That to us is the ideal user interface for someone active in the stock market.   They offer trailing stops as both price points and percentages that you have to determine what it should be. That is no easy task. Plus it can take years and years of training and experience to figure out a helpful approach. 

So help us get your broker to add a Smart(R) Trailing Stop feature to their platform.  Let them know you want SmartStops!

We hope you will give the service a try.  We offer a 14 day free trial and your credit card will NOT be charged during that time.

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