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What is a Stop Limit Order?

When you place a Stop Order, you are setting the price below the current trading price such that if that price is hit, an order to sell will occur at your broker.   If just set as a stop order, then the price at which it sells after the stop is triggered, will be a...

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Should you be Hedging now during China Trade War escalation?

SmartStops Comment:   We couldn't agree more with this timely advice (mid-May 2019) , from "For now, the market is working a corrective process which is likely not complete as of yet. As we head into the summer months, it is likely the...

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Comparing Tradestops vs SmartStops

There are a number of key differences between and  In fact, one of our subscribers after using Tradestops for awhile, told us -  "you get us out much sooner then Tradestops".   Click here to see some examples of...

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The 6 Biggest Mistakes Ordinary Investors Make

"What's the biggest threat to achieving financial independence?  Your own brain!"   Nobel-winning prize theory and research from psychologists (Kanheman & Tversky)  led to the beginnings of what is now called behavioral finance, with Thaler bringing that into the...

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Aviva finds sell-side research to be flawed – October 2017

Survey of 342 analysts by Aviva Investors found sell-side research to be flawed, short term and incomplete. “Sell-side research has a significant influence on investors’ decision-making. But our study shows this research is often flawed,” wrote Euan Munro, CEO of...

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Why Protect? Limits of Diversification from State Street

Great white paper by State Street Global Advisors that highlights the limits of diversification and the importance of risk protection:    "Good downside protection can benefit portfolios in several ways. Studies, such as that by Bhansali and Davis (2010), have shown...

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Asset Allocation is in Serious Decline

As the CIO of Sungarden Fund Mgmt writes:  "MPT works well in strong markets and over periods of declining interest rates.  This decade will likely see the turning point of that story, and I suspect that many financial planning firms will fight that trend, as they did...

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Wealth management’s future in 3 words

"There are serious consequences for firms that do not embrace the latest tech tools..." says Kelli Keough, the global head of digital wealth management for JPMorgan Chase.  "All financial advisors must implement digital tools in their practice or they will lose...

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How to stop getting ill from the Stock Market

SmartStops Comment:  Good article pointing out the importance when it comes to investing to not letting your emotions go on a rampage.   As the author Ritholtz points out:   "Understanding what is and isn’t in your control can go a long way toward avoiding the sorts...

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