SmartStops Example Portfolio

The foundation of all SmartStops subscribers’ accounts is their investment portfolio.  Each subscriber can build or import from supported brokers their own portfolio of stocks and ETFs they wish to track and monitor to best protect their profits and minimize their losses.

Below you will find an example of a SmartStops Portfolio that shows the ETF or Stock Risk States based on the Smart(R) analytics.  Subscribers get this information automatically for their customized portfolio online or in their mobile app, as well as in a portfolio risk monitoring report sent via email daily after the market has closed.

The Portfolio tab

This is where you will store your Stock and ETF symbols that will be monitored 24×7.  Updated SmartStops (for the next day’s market) are published daily after the market has closed.   Learn more about SmartStops  Aggressive and Conservative signals and the Instant Risk Alerts they generate.

See our Brokerlink feature where you can not only directly connect with your broker platform to import your symbols and but also easily set proactive stops.

The Performance tab

This is where you can quickly get an overview of the pullbacks experienced by your symbols over 1,3 or 5 year time frames.  You can then drill down by clicking on any symbol to see more details for that symbol.

Let SmartStops help you stay aware of when risk is truly elevated so that you can protect your profits and cut your losses.

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