Get Instant Risk Alerts to your phone!

SmartStops now offers Instant Text Alerts to ANY mobile phone, whether IPhone, Android etc.   Available only for Subscribers. 

For Android users, we also have a Mobile App with additional functionality (see below).  NOTE: This app only supports current SmartStops Subscribers.  If not a subscriber, you must sign up for a plan first.   

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With the SmartStops mobile app and real-time alerting, you can now know instantly when risk is increasing.  Get ahead of the crowd in knowing what’s going on – wherever you are.  Then you can take timely action whether to hedge or exit, or simply review the status of the stocks and ETFs in your portfolio.

We all know how risky the stock market can be. And that profits evaporate so quickly. Worse, losses can accumulate much faster then you had planned. But – here’s the good news. You can also make a higher return by sidestepping that risk. And our mobile app helps you do just that.

Don’t let Wall Street talking pundits, who want to convince you just to hold on through the downtrends, get the upper hand over your monies. Of course they want your funds kept in the market. Then they can make even more money that way. Learn more about how Buy & Hold is an outdated concept and why Smartstops is better then other approaches including dumb trailing stops.


The SmartStops mobile application is only for website subscribers. See Mobile App Features.

Our website provides an easy-to-use service to help investors, traders and advisors better manage their risk.  This leads to protecting and growing profits and limiting losses.  Learn to avoid “selling too soon” to let your profits grow instead of evaporate.  And more importantly, activate your most critical strategy for significant growth – avoid losses!

Sign up for a free 2 week trial to the SmartStops Portfolio Monitoring and Protection plan.  Have your stocks and ETFs watched every minute throughout each market day – with advanced warnings pushed to your phone so you know when you’re at risk of giving up your profits or losing money.

“SmartStops is a

– many users and even the GM at Yahoo Finance told us so.


Because of the amount of profits saved vs. the cost of the service.

FEATURES of SmartStops Mobile App:


Real-Time Push Notifications

Receive Instant Risk Alerts (and return-to-normal alerts) push notifications to your phone in addition to email.

Analyze Risk Symbol Lookups

View current risk states of your stocks and ETFs

Customizable Portfolio

Login and access your account and view or add/delete to your saved Portfolio symbols.

Sign Up for SmartStops and get Instant Risk Alerting to your phone.


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