Daily Risk Triggers

Risk Exposure – Who triggered their SmartStops today?

This list of all of the Daily SmartStops Risk Triggers shows any covered symbol (stock and ETF)  that triggered a SmartStops risk price alert that day. The list is updated once a day at 5pm ET and will reflect all elevated risk alerts and return-to-normal risk state profile alerts for that day’s market. This list is accessible online to subscribers only who will also get instant real-time alerts for those symbols stored in their portfolio.


What type of Risk Alerts are shown?

– symbols that have triggered our smart trailing stop are set to an elevated risk state and thus have a high probability of further decline.
 – symbols that have triggered indicate they the stock or etf has returned to their individual equity risk premium level.

What can I do with this SmartStops Daily Risk Triggers information?

Normal Risk State – You can review the list to look for new investment opportunities of those stocks or etfs that have daily risk triggers showing a “Return-to-Normal” risk state. This helps you with the decision of when to enter the position as entering in when its risk state is high will lead to a higher probability of your losing money.

Before purchasing any stock or etf though, be sure to fully research the symbol according to your equity strategy. And take advantage of the SmartStops How Much to Buy Calculator to properly position size the number of shares to buy (position sizing) to reflect the risk level of that equity.

You can use the Daily Risk Triggers report to help you with tactical asset allocation decisions.

Elevated Risk State – if you are a more experienced trader, you can review the list of daily risk triggers to look for opportunities to short a symbol.  Or for opportunities to deploy option strategies, such as buying a put; where your goal is to gain a profit from the downtrend of the stock or etf.  Put option strategies can be a easy-leveraged way to play the downturn for a stock.

Please make sure before shorting a symbol or buying a put option to play the downside, you fully understand the risks involved, as losses can be infinite.

Sector Analysis

You can also get a sense of how overall sectors are performing via the SmartStops Market Risk Barometer, which can help you target an effective sector or etf rotation strategy.

SmartStops Daily Triggers

Who triggered their SmartStop today?

This list is updated each day at 5:00 PM EST. Visit us at the end of each market day to see the stocks and ETFs that triggered a SmartStop indicating that they are at abnormally high risk of further decline.

What is the difference between Aggressive and Conservative triggers?

For each stock or ETF symbol SmartStops covers, we have designed an approach that allows for a wider range frequency to how often a trigger may be hit. Aggressive SmartStops trailing stops are designed to provide maximum downside protection and typically lie closer to the equity’s price. Thus these may trigger more frequently but will do the best at protecting profits. Aggressive SmartStops tend to be preferred by those who are willing to trade more often.

Conservative SmartStops trailing stops allow for more price movement resulting in fewer trades and a lower probability of whipsaw. Sometimes you can go years before seeing a conservative signal trigger. Conservative SmartStops tend to be preferred by longer-term investors.

Both signal families intelligently adjust in an effort to keep you in an uptrend longer while exiting early in a down trend. Learn more about How SmartStops works.

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