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Our Smart(R) analytics produce intelligent, self-adjusting Smart Trailing Stops that can be automatically placed with our Broker Integration

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Below you will find an example of a current real-time equity risk profile. Enter your own symbol(s) in the search box above to see those custom results. The resulting risk profile allows you to review past SmartStops alerts and see the savings protection provided.   Learn Why We’re Better than other approaches.

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Managing Investment Risk Properly

Hope is a big money-loser in the investment business.  It is hope that keeps you from selling your losing stocks. And it is hope for a comeback that has you watch as your profits evaporate instead of protecting your gains.   And then there is fear.  Fear has you letting go of your winners too soon. Does the above sound familiar?  Not to worry – you are not alone. The key to successful stock market investing or trading is:

  • Cutting your losses before they get bigger
  • Letting your winners run

It’s important to take the emotion out of investing and not rely on hope, panic, or optimism to form an opinion. And SmartStops is designed to help you do just that. Knowing when to sell is the most important part of the investing equation.

“I have been trading for over 50 years and find SmartStops measures up to everything they claim. That is, if your broker has 500 accounts, will you be the first he calls with a sell recommendation? Or for that matter, will he have time to call you at all??  I have experienced fifty years without a call!!
– Bob S.

Risk Alerts

TRUTH:  “WHEN” you invest is crucially more important than “IF” you invest in the financial markets.

Real S&P 500 Total Return vs. 20-Year Total Returns
TRUTH:  with the Right Warning, you can step aside and Reduce Risk.

SmartStops puts at your fingertips an unbiased, intelligent capability via a next-generation risk profiling system to manage investment risk wisely.  Developed by a team of industry experts with over 40 years of real-world market experience, SmartStops analytics empowers you to make intelligent, unemotional choices with your Stocks and ETFs.

SmartStops provides you:

Instant Risk Alerting.   Be “in the know” of increasing risk by receiving an instant real-time risk alert to your mobile phone or email to indicate when there’s a high probability of further decline.  Now you’ll know when it’s time to reevaluate your investment. And we will keep alerting you as the downtrend builds. Then, when the market (or the individual stock or ETF) settles back down, you’ll receive a “Return-to-Normal” Alert as well.   Learn more about SmartStops Instant Risk Alerts.

Proactive Stop Loss orders.  For every equity in your portfolio, SmartStops will publish both an Aggressive and Conservative price point in advance of the next day’s market.  These are truly ‘smart trailing stops”.  Aggressive SmartStops provide maximum downside protection and typically lie closer to the equity price, protecting profits more closely but resulting in more frequent trades.  Conservative SmartStops allow for more price movement, resulting in fewer trades and a lower probability of whipsaw. Both approaches intelligently adjust, to keep you in an uptrend longer while still exiting early in case of a down trend.  Learn more about Smart Trailing Stops

Deploy Smart Trailing Stops Easily.  Using SmartStops’ BrokerLink feature you can sync your portfolio to your broker in seconds, placing adjusted stop orders across your portfolio to protect the gains and profits of all your stocks and ETFs. Learn more about our Broker Integration.

The SMART(R) approach – What Makes SmartStops so Powerful?

The Smart(R) optimization engine operates behind-the scenes. It analyzes the condition of both the macro market and the individual equity’s unique behavior to determine the optimum trailing stop price reflecting a risk profile.  It uses much more than just a volatility factor (as Tradestops does).  Sophisticated strategies will switch dependent upon price movements. This keeps you riding the uptrend longer growing your profits,  while helping you protect and keep those profits. Learn more about how the Smart(R) engine works. Have you tried other approaches but gotten stopped out to soon? Or weren’t alerted in time?  Learn more about Why We’re Better.

“SmartStops takes the guesswork out of trying to determine where I should set my safety net”
– Phil B.

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