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What is the best trade stop to use/  Well, SmartStops of course!  But we can brag, because indeed just compare us against competitors. And unlike our competitors we are transparent with our approach. So what makes us better?

  1.  SMART(R) ALGORITHMS –   Though we have Phd’s who’ve helped build and fine-tuned our optimization engine, we are led by ex-Wall Street veterans who have spent their careers in the industry.  Even Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) or is behind the times suggesting a 7-8% Trailing Stop.  Even VectorVest with it’s “profitlockerpro” has missed the boat in again relying an a % trailing stop model that is so inadequate.   Plus, our algorithms are updated daily, not weekly like one of our competitors. .  That won’t keep you well protected!     You can see here why we are better.
  2. COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY – we don’t Cherry-pick examples and go marketing to you and claim things that aren’t true.  You are free to look up via our Analyze Risk page, 2 symbols for free. Our current website goes back 5 years, but we’ve been in business since 2008. So if you need to see more, just contact us at
  3. BROKERS have done business with us.    We’re integrated into websites from BNP Paribas in Europe . We were resold by E*Trade for many years (only recently ended due to upcoming acquisition for them).
  4. True BROKERLINK  –  We have a 2-way interface, not just a 1-way importing of your broker’s portfolio. Make sure you ask that question upfront of our competitors.    We quickly allow you to set your SmartStops across your portfolio in like 3 steps!   Faster then even doing it on your broker’s platform.  Learn more about our Brokerlink here.
  5. INSTANT Risk Alerts – Unlike one competitor that doesn’t even offer a real-time datafeed from which it can trigger your alerts, SmartStops does it immediately. NOT after the market closes.    Plus, we offer a Mobile Push of our Alerts to your phone as well.  If you don’t want to set proactive stop orders, that’s fine.  No one is saying you have to to properly protect your positions.   But having real-time alerting is invaluable to making decisions fast to help protect profits and minimize losses.
  6. REFUNDs for Annual Payments automatic – Unfortunately we’ve heard from some of our subscribers that some competitors out there don’t in fact refund you your money but instead offer you a credit to another service they are selling.  So Caution to the Consumer – make sure you know their policies up front.  There are no questions on SmartStops cancellations.  We’ll give you a full pro-rated refund automatically and you can even close your account yourself on the website.  There’s no “high pressure” selling by SmartStops.  We know we provide a good ROI to the cost of the service.  Just look at how e protected users during this COVID drop.  Allowing them to get back in at some amazing prices!


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