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As shown on our Broker Integration page, SmartStops has a 2-way interface to TD Ameritrade (now owned by Schwab) and Tradeking (now owned by Ally) for its subscribers to easily import symbols and send orders across proactively for the next day’s market.   If Morgan Stanley keeps E*Trade’s API that allows us to interface, we will add them next.    The ideal user interface however is for your broker to integrate our daily analytics nitely.   We’ve done this in Europe with a major player successfully.   Imagine – being able to just turn on a “SmartStop” and letting it auto-adjust by giving your broker permission to do this.   Talk about sleeping peacefully at nite!

Keep in mind though that even if your broker isn’t integrated, with SmartStops it takes seconds/minutes to set up your portfolio.  As all we ask for is the symbol to be monitored. And you can add or delete symbols at any time up to your subscription plan’s maximum limit.

Let your broker know you want SmartStops integrated.  And if they don’t have an API to let us do it that way, tell them you want that.  We hope to have alot more brokers supported going forward so drop us a note and let us know who you want to.   Also note that unlike some services , we are a 2-way interface to the broker (not just bringing in your account).   BE SURE you clarify that before considering an alternate service.  As with our interface, it’s so easy to set the smartstops across your entire portfolio in just a few clicks!

SmartStops Broker Integration

SmartStops makes it easy to interface to your broker.

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