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SmartStops is a next-generation proprietary risk profiling system. For most investors and traders, when to sell a stock or etf can be a challenge. SmartStops helps you know when to take action from our risk alerts or return-to-normal risk state alerts.

For proactive investors and traders who like to set stop losses, SmartStops produces a smarter trailing stop price for the next day’s market. Trailing stops need to reflect more then just a simple percentage value of the price. Volatility is not enough either to base one’s exit point off of either. The Smart(R) engine looks at both macro market conditions and the individual equity’s behavior in order to determine the optimized trailing stop price. It is adjusted daily after the market closes for the next day’s market. Through our Brokerlink feature you can sync this with your portfolio at your broker.

Many investors and some traders however do not wish to use automatic stop losses. But they need to know when their stock or etf has a high probability of a downturn. SmartStops risk alerts or risk triggers do just that.  If the stock or etf is exhibiting increased risk, SmartStops will alert the subscriber with instant real-time alerts to their email or push notifications to their mobile phone. The risk alert indicates a high probability of further decline. And that it’s time to reevaluate your investment. But even if you do nothing, SmartStops continues to monitor for you.  So as the risk increases, SmartStops will continue to alert you and help you protect your profits or minimize any loss.

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