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Some (aka Tradestops and Dr. Richard Smith) may think so. Like Tradestops.com platform touts its “revolutionary” VQ or Volatility Quotient.   We strongly disagree. But don’t take our word for it.  Just read and educate yourself. In fact, there are many industry experts out there who agree with us on that point. Even Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Seth Klarman and more. (see article link below). We share some of their thoughts highlighted in this article and others across the web:

“There are many kinds of risks .. But volatility may be the least relevant of them all” Howard Marks (recently published – Mastering the Market Cycles – Getting the Odds on Your Side)

“How can professors spread this nonsense that a stock’s volatility is a measure or risk? I’ve been waiting for this craziness to end for decades. It’s been dented, but it’s still out there” Charlie Munger

“I think volatility is so widely used as a risk-metric simply because it is easy to measure, not because it is a good gauge of risk of permanent loss of capital. Downside volatility is merely one aspect of risk, not necessarily the most important, while upside volatility isn’t much of a risk at all – unless you are short” Joel Greenblatt

“The true investor welcomes volatility” Warren Buffett

See entire article here:  https://www.valuewalk.com/2016/11/volatility-quotes-from-greenblatt-klarman-pabrai-singer-more/