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Unfortunately Fidelity doesn’t have an API (programming interface) for us to connect up to.  You should let them know you would like that. Or better yet, tell them you want SmartStops integrated as that’s the best user interface, where Fidelity can let you “turn on Smartstops and let it run”.  As they would bring in our data nitely and auto-adjust with your permission.   We’ve been successful in doing just that with a major European broker in several countries but not yet with one in the USA.

Still though there’s no reason one can just set the stop order manually on the Fidelity platform.  As each day after the market closes we’ll run our optimization engine and produce the Smartstops price point for the next day’s market.  You’ll see that in your Daily Portfolio Monitoring Risk Report around 4pm PT and if you login after that.   So if you set up the order on Fidelity as Good-till-Cancelled then it will remain out there  and each nite you can just bring up the Open order (if it hasn’t triggered)  and change the price to the new SmartStops value.  It’s definitely more of a pain to do manually but we definitely have folks doing just that.   See below for example screen from Fidelity’s platform.
Entering Smartstops into Fidelity
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