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To enter a stop loss order on the Fidelity platform, one chooses an action of “Sell” , an order type of “stop loss” and a price point for that stop price.  That’s where SmartStops comes in.  Leverage Smart(R) unique algorithm approach to get an intelligently adjusting stop price point that may move both up & down, thus riding the trend more effectively and not getting you stopped out too soon. It’s proven as the best way to protect profits and limit losses.

Just ook up your symbols for free under our Analyze Risk page.

Subscribers can enter in symbols into their portfolio to be monitored.  And besides getting instant risk alerts via email or phone ,they will also receive a Daily Portfolio Risk Monitoring report in email that shows the SmartStops price points for the next day’s market.  As shown below, those can then be easily entered directly into one’s Fidelity account.   We suggest setting up a GTC – Good-till-Cancelled order, so that you only have to update the price point for the order vs. reentering the entire order.

We do hope one day that Fidelity will integrate SmartStops directly, so that users can just turn it on and let it run.   If you want to see that transpire, then do let Fidelity know.

Or if Fidelity were to offer up an API, then we could program a broker interface with Fidelity like we have with TD Ameritrade and TradeKing/Ally bank (and soon E*Trade).

Entering Smartstops into Fidelity
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