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What SmartStops offers is a “return-to-normal” signal to help with the buy decision process.  This price point will show on the Daily Risk report ONLY when the symbol is in an elevated state . If there is a Green checkmark for the symbol on the report, then that means the symbol is now in its “Normal” Risk State so no number will be shown except the potential SmartStops elevated trigger price poits.

What this signal reflects is more of a “safe” zone for a potential buying decision.Its stating that according to our analysis,the risk that was previously flagged as elevated has now returned to a “normal” state.

However, SmartStops believes the “buy“process should never just be based on one signal.  It really needs to just be part of a decision-making process that would include aspects like:

1) overall market macro trends
2) projected outlook for the company and other fundamentals
3) your individual risk tolerance
4) desired holding period
5) consideration of potentially better opportunities in that symbol”s sector
We do hope our “return-to-normal” risk state can be utilized in the larger decision-making process of whether to purchase or not.   And if deciding to purchase , one should also learn to position size. You can see our free How Much to Buy calculator here.
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