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Unfortunately neither Robinhood or WeBull yet offer up a smart trailing stop.  So let them know you want this feature from SmartStops as we can provide our updated daily analytics to the broker.   All they currently offer is a “dumb” unintelligent percentage , % , trailing stop or the ability for you to set you own stop loss price.   At least they are offering up something but don’t kid yourself thinking that a price % in anyway truly represents the individual stock or ETFs risk behavior.   And try calculating your own?  Honestly, that will take years of experience, thousands of hours of studying the infintie umber of technical analysis approaches available and also a constant committment of time.  Unless you are an active trader sitting in front of your computer with numerous monitors constantly charting your holdings, you will never  have the right edge.  Or worse, you then default to using an oversimplified and less effective approach such as moving averages etc.

Think about a % trailing stop for a second. Should investors and traders choose a 2%, 5% ,8%,10%, 12%, 15%, 20%, 25% etc.?   How are they to decide?   Should it be the same value regardless of the individual stock or ETF’s price?  When should it change, under what conditions? It is right that it only adjust upwards?    will I get stopped out too soon?  Learn how a smarter algorithm approach works by watching this short video.

All the above are good questions and SmartStops answers these with the statement that using the same value for all symbols is a ridiculous concept.   And even basing that value off merely a price fluctuation of a symbol in no way represents any kind of sophisticated analysis.  There are alot of good technical approaches out there – actually thousands.  And then there are variables to each of them that then become infinite in what you could set and how you could combine them.   Let’s just take support / resistance chart lines that some brokers want to teach you to use.  Well, if you pull up a 5 min vs. 15 min., vs. 30 min. vs. 60 min. vs. 90 min. vs. daily vs. weekly vs. monthly chart …….all those lines become subjective to the time frames you are looking at.  Or perhaps you are going to look at a few of them and then try to draw your conclusions.  Or say you are going to use Moving Averages – should be it an  EMA (exponential moving average), a SMA (simple moving average) a DMA  (dispaced moving average) and should it be 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100, 200 or some value in-between and should it be crossovers to some of those or perhaps a combination betwee EMA & DMA?    Again, the possibilities are endless.

That is why SmartStops came into existence.  Building off four decades of actual market experience, the SmartStops founding team wanted to offer the kinds of sophisticated approaches that Wall Street institutions and hedge funds may employ, for the little guy.   As who has been watching the little guy’s back?   No one!    Not even advisors do a great job at this as we’ve heard from our subscribers.

So let SmartStops watch your back with our unique intelligent trailing stop approach that adjust both upwards and downwards = as a trailing stop approach needs to in order to “let winners run”.   Let SmartStops alert you INSTANTLY when risk is elevated so if you don’t have a proactive stop or contingent trigger order out there, you can then take action at that time.   Plus SmartStops keeps alerting you so even if you miss moving in on the first alert, a second or third alert in subsequent days can help you make the right decision to exit or hedge.

Learn to protect your profits and minimize your losses.   Risk Less and Make More.  Watch our short video tutorial about how intelligent our algorithms are.

SmartStops Trailing Stop appraoch







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