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SmartStops price point that is created for the next day’s market and intelligently adjusts up and down for that next day does not change throughout the day.  It is calculated and sent in our Daily Risk Report, after the market has closed.  That way each day we are intelligently adjusting to a current risk profile.    You will know when the next day’s Smart stop has been set when you receive your Daily Portfolio Monitoring Risk Report., as it will show the SmartStops to be used for the next market day.

Why is that?   Because research and extensive testing in building our approach has shown that Trailing stops set at the broker that do adjust during the market day will actually produce whipsaw for you much more then you may ever want.  So unless you plan to be an active trader, having a trailing stop that only moves up during the day can get you stopped out at just the wrong time!   Learn more in our Why We’re Better page in the Trailing Stops section.

Watch our short 5 minute video about how our algorithms work. 

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