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That’s up to you.   If you are a Portfolio Protection Services subscriber, SmartStops monitors your portfolio each day and sends a real-time alert email when any of your positions trigger a SmartStop. We will soon have a mobile app that you can download as well that will send a notification of a real-time alert to your phone.
The report becomes valuable though because it gives you an overview of your entire portfolio and the risk states for each stock or etf.  It will also flag you with those symbols that may be approaching a Risk State due to the price at the close of the day so you can be even more proactive in determining your next move.

If you are using the broker link feature, you should review it daily as if you may want to update the SmartStops via broker link with your broker.  It only takes a few seconds as once you login via Brokerlink you can scan and send over.   you will need to log in and just quickly submit the new price points to your broker. It only takes a couple of seconds to do.

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