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  • Can I have multiple TD Ameritrade portfolios with Smartstops Broker Integration?

Yes. In your one account you can set up individual SmartStops portfolios for each unique TD Ameritrade account you have.  You should name them individually and you must set up each one to be a brokerlink account if you want to import symbols and then easily send your orders across.   Each portfolio on the smartstops side has to be synced individually.    Please ensure that the total number of symbols in your portfolio will cover all the symbols across all your individual TD Ameritrade accounts.

The circled items below should help guide you through the setup process.    If you still have questions write up at or call us at 1-877-654-7766.



TD Ameritrade Smartstops Setup Brokerlink Portfolio

TD Ameritrade Smartstops Setup Brokerlink Portfolio

TD Ameritrade Setup for Smartstops Brokerlink

TD Ameritrade Setup for SmartStops Brokerlink



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